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by aprimiao


Hi! My name is April Lee (nickname: aprimiao). I am an illustration artist originally from Hong Kong but now based in Taiwan. Miaodoodles is a brand I created in 2015. I enjoy illustrating by hand and sometimes digitally. I love to experiment with different styles and explore new ways of expression in my work.

Since I am a Hongkonger staying in Kaohsiung (South of Taiwan), I am interested in the Taiwanese language Tâi-gí and created the Tâi-gí Niau series. This cat character speaks Tâi-gí and promotes this language in a fun way. There is a collection I created, called "Tâi-gí Niau X Taiwanese Food", which introduces the names of the Taiwanese food in Tái-gí.

Apart from language and culture, plants and animals often appear in my work. I make portraits of cats for customers, and teach plant drawing classes as well.


You can follow me on:

FacebookInstagram : @miaodoodles

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